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Why Does the Media Only Care About the Arrests and Disruptions When it Comes to Protests?


120 refugees are locked up at Kangaroo Point Hotel in Brisbane.

And protesters are calling for the 120 men to be released into the community.

For several weeks now people have camped outside the Brisbane hotel as part of a community blockade to prevent the refugees from being transferred to detention centres.

Most of the refugees were brought over to Brisbane from detention centres at Manus Island or Nauru for medical treatment.

Many of the men have been locked up at the Kangaroo Point Hotel for months, some even years.

They are confined to only their rooms attached to small balconies.

120 refugees are imprisoned in tiny rooms and balconies. Source: Dylan Crawford

Activists are simply calling on these men to be free.

Yet for many weeks the mainstream media has depicted the community protests as "rowdy" and "unauthorised."

Since the refugee solidarity blockade began, the mainstream media has only focused on the arrests and the disruption caused by the protests.

For example activist Dane De Leon appeared on Sunrise recently to discuss the refugee protests.

During the interview Sunrise presenter David Koch only asked her questions about the protest's permits, tensions with police and whether she felt bad for police having to be there.

Activist Dane De Leon speaking with Sunrise presenter David Koch. Source: Sunrise

In fact majority of the mainstream media headlines about these protests are about the arrests.

But that's not the only thing that's happening at the community blockade.

Where are the headlines about Saif Ali wanting to hug his son after being imprisoned by Australian Government for 7 years for attempting to seek asylum?

Where are the headlines about the Brisbane Sikh Temple providing free food for protesters?

Where are the stories about musicians performing for the refugees as they listen from their balconies?

Where are the stories about the men locked up at the Kangaroo Point Hotel?

But the protesters are not giving up.

More than 250 people have signed a "pledge of resistance," and are "vowing to peacefully break the law and disrupt the city if the government tries to move the innocent men to higher-security hell or offshore."

Signatures of resistance. Source: Refugee Solidarity Brisbane

Over the weekend dozens of activists were arrested after demonstrating a community blockade on the road.

Activists discovered many of the refugees locked up in the hotel cannot eat the food provided for them due to medical conditions.

Several protesters put together over 100 curries to give to the men so they can all have a community meal together.

Activists call on guards to have a community meal with the locked up refugees. Source: Refugee Solidarity Brisbane

The guards refused the activists' requests.

Crowds of people then began to sit on the road in protest of this decision.

This however led to more than 30 protesters arrested for refusing to get off the road.

These arrests haven't hindered the blockade.

Activists have set up shifts so they can monitor the hotel gates and stop any vehicles entering and leaving the premises to transfer the men to detention centres.

Protesters say the campouts will continue until all 120 men are released into the community.

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