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Wholesome Moments Coming Out of the Protests in America

- Demi Lynch -

George Floyd. Breonna Taylor. Ahmaud Arbery. Tony McDade.

All of these men and women were killed this past month because of the colour of their skin. These murders are just a tiny sample of the magnitude of racism in America. Protests have erupted across the country. People are angry. And so they should be - people are dying and continually be mistreated for being black.

Sadly the mainstream media have only been focusing on the looting and violence erupting from these protests. But these protests aren't about inciting violence. It's about justice, police brutality and racial equality.

Many positive, beautiful wholesome stories have come out from these protests. And I think the world needs to see more stories like that.

1. Camden County officers held a pop up block party in Centerville this weekend. Officers gave out soft serve ice-cream and free face masks. They also played football and basketball with the kids in the area to help bring a smile to local residents. Several officers also took part in the local Black Lives Matter protest.

2. Hundreds of protesters in Minneapolis held a moment of silence to remember George Floyd who was killed by a police officer last week.

3. Police officers in Florida have been seen taking the knee to show their support for the 'Black Lives Matter' movement.

4. Genesee County Sheriff Chris Swanson took off his protective riot gear and joined protesters. He put down his helmet and baton, and asked the protesters how he could help them. They all chanted, "WALK WITH US," and so he did. While marching he spoke with protesters asking them how law enforcement can work better with the community.

5. A police officer in Louisville was separated from his squad. A group of protesters surrounded him to protect him from other protesters wanting to harm him.

6. A group of protesters in Brooklyn blocked looters from breaking into Target. One of the protesters spoke to a news reporter about the looters. He said, "we only wanted a peaceful protest... [looting] is not the narrative we want painted for our generation."

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