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I Found My Old Tumblr Account from 2012. What Was I Thinking?


The year was 2012 - KickAss Torrents was still thriving, Diva and Equip were my go-to shops for neon sunnies and feather earrings, One Direction were still together ( sad face) , and everyone's biggest concern was if the world was going to end on December 24th (SURPRISE - it didn't!).

And like many other 16 year olds I was in love with one of the greatest social media platforms to ever exist... TUMBLR.

I think 'love' is an understatement - I was OBSESSED; I mean c'mon I had over 29,000 posts on my Tumblr page (like how the hell did I even graduate high school when I spent all time reposting strangers' photos all day and night - this is a serious question!).

Tumblr was my world, it just had everything - it was like Instagram, Pinterest and TikTok all rolled into one.

So to distract myself from the adult world (a.k.a laundry) I thought I would go down memory lane and scroll through my Tumblr account.

Let's see how cringeworthy 16 year old Demi was - I wonder if I was actually as cool as I thought I was back then?

Probably not; this shall be interesting.

1. Okay I'm already cringing and dying of embarrassment. My Tumblr username was peace.love.hapinesssss. What the?????

2. I think I made a mistake going back in time to my Tumblr days. Surely it can't get any worse.

3. Shit it just did. Remember the Tumblr page called Teenager Posts. Back when I was 16 I was their biggest fan and reposted their stuff ALL THE TIME!!!!

4. I remember back in the day (god I sound old) I thought these quotes were so insightful and almost as good as poetry. Now I read them and I just roll my eyes.

5. Oh lord. I'm scrolling through and there are SOOOOOOO many photos from the movie SpringBreakers.

6. I remember there was so much hype for this film. Tumblr girls went crazy for it. Then it came out and everyone's like, "oh - well this is shit! I just devoted 5 months of life obsessing over Selena Gomez wearing a neon bikini with chunky sneakers. Now what do I do?"

7. Of course it wouldn't be a Tumblr account without the ICONIC Tumblr shorts. I lived in a beach town and everyone was OBSESSED with ripped, tie-dye, studded denim shorts. I always dreamed of scoring myself a pair of the RunwayDreamz studded shorts (despite the fact they cost hundreds of dollars). But luckily I had good ol' CityBeach to meet my needs (back when I could fit in their teeny tiny clothes).

8. Another trend that was incredibly popular (one that I wish to forget) was GALAXY PRINT. In particular GALAXY TIGHTS!

9. My EYES! MY EYES! Why did I ever like these?

10. Okay surely there are some posts on this account that don't make me cringe.

11. * Scrolling * *Scrolling * *Scrolling *

Why are there so many images of skinny beautiful women on my page? Was it a Tumblr aesthetic thing? Was it a fatphobic thing? Or was it me coming to the realisation I was Bi-AF?

12. Mmmmm..... I think a little bit of column A, column B and maybe column C.

13. It is kinda sad I didn't repost many images of plus size women. Maybe that was my inner fat-phobia? And maybe that was also because only skinny white beautiful women were accepted and loved on Tumblr?

14. In my teen years I did become obsessed with wanting to look like a Tumblr girl. I wanted that flat stomach, thigh gap and long wavy beach hair. I remember once my friend and I even went a diet purely so we could have bodies like the strangers we saw online.

15. Anyway back to scrolling before I start going down the rabbit hole of toxic diet culture and fat-phobia.

16. *Scroll* *Scroll* *Scroll*

Aaaaaaah oh my god I forgot about this show. Who here used to LOVE LOVE LOVE Puberty Blues. Those two seasons were just pure genius.

17. Also who can forget this iconic couple of the show - Debbie + Gary. Gifs of them ALWAYS appeared on my Tumblr feed and I was never unhappy about that.

18. Another TV couple that were 100% couple goals - Carrie and Sebastian from The Carrie Diaries (can't believe they cancelled that series after only 2 seasons - the books were so good! Damn you CW!)

19. Yes I know the show was CHEESY AF but c'mon AUSTIN BUTLER.

20. Speaking of cheesy - care to see the most cheesiest Tumblr posts in the history of the world. Another popular Tumblr account from circa 2012 was Just Girly Things and their posts were ICONIC because of the level of cringe they brought us.

21. I'm know joke laughing as I share these posts. How is "feeling safe when he drives," girly? Or "feeling the wind blow through my hair," - HOW?!?!?! I'm really questioning 16 year old Demi's taste levels.

22. I hope in 10 year's time future me doesn't start judging current me for my Instagram posts. Surely she'll be kind.

23. Okay let's get to scrolling. Surely I'm at least half way.

24. I've only scrolled through 200 posts out of 29,000!!!! Nope I give up. Maybe I should go back to doing my laundry. Even that is better than seeing the atrocious stain I left on the inter-web with my Tumblr page.

25. Goodbye Tumblr. Maybe I'll come back to you again in decades to come and reminisce over the simpler times where my greatest concerns were meeting One Direction and learning how to do a fishtail braid. Take care, stay weird Tumblr.

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