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The Toxic Reality of Paparazzi Culture


We need to talk about the paparazzi a.k.a the men of the world that lurk behind bushes and cars to stalk primarily women and children.

Unsurprisingly many celebrities aren't fans of the paps, particularly when it comes to them taking unsolicited photos of their children.

And many have rightfully called out the paparazzi and media outlets that share pap shots of their kids.

Just this week Blake Lively called out Instagram platform 'Hollywood Star Kids' for sharing disturbing paparazzi photos of her children.

Blake Lively and husband Ryan Reynolds do everything they can to hide their children from the spotlight. Source: The Independent

Blake had already asked them to not share photos of her kids to their 74,000+ followers but they sadly ignored her request.

“This is so disturbing,” she wrote on social media, “I’ve personally shared with you that these men stalk and harass my children. And you are still posting. You said

you would stop. You personally promised me. This is not casual appreciation. This is YOU also exploiting very young children. Please. Delete. Please."

Earlier this year Blake Lively also blasted the Daily Mail for editing pap shots. Source: Marie Claire

Now before anyone says, "oh they're celebrities, they asked for this?" - let's think about that ignorant statement for a moment.

1. The children did not ask to be famous or to have famous parents.

2. No one of any level of wealth and fame deserves to have strangers follow them every day. No one asks for that! No one should have to worry about having some random men take photos of them while doing mundane activities like exercising or grocery shopping.

3. And lastly... the judgement that comes when pap shots are shared by media outlets is disgusting. I scrolled through the comments section of that 'Hollywood Star Kids' and the comments are ruthless and horrible. From people claiming a child is depressed because they look sad in a photo to a woman claimed to be pregnant because she was wearing a loose top - it's disgusting!

How would you like it if unsolicited photos of yourself, your children, your loved ones were analysed and critiqued by tens of thousands strangers on the internet - no one deserves that!

If you follow platforms like 'Hollywood Star Kids' you're supporting the toxic paparazzi culture that thinks it's okay to stalk families and their children.

So please, next time - think before you click!

Featured Image: Demi Lynch

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