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Are 'Testicle Baths' the Future of Male Contraception?


A german designer named Rebecca Weiss has created a device that can be used as contraception for men.

According to the Coso Contraception website, users are required to place their testicles inside the "testicle bath" before receiving an ultrasound to temporarily stop the formation of new sperm.

The device syncs up with your mobile and can be controlled through an app. Source: COSO

COSO founder Rebecca Weiss. Source: NZ Herald

The contraceptive is "reversible," "hormone-free" and can be used at home. In order to stay temporarily infertile users are required to use the device every two months.

Rebecca says she created the device because she noticed there were limited male birth control options.

"When my partner and I were looking for an alternative method, we became aware of the lack of male contraceptives," she says, "this problem is not unique to me personally; it affects many others as well."

Users must place their testicles in the device while preferably in a seating position. Source: COSO

This week Rebecca won the James Dyson award, an international award that celebrates design and engineering.

However the prototype is still in the early stages and is currently in the process of further clinical studies and gaining government funding.

Featured Image: COSO

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