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High School Asks Year 10 Boys to Create the Perfect Christian Girlfriend Using Archaic Rating System


St Luke’s Grammar School is being called out for reinforcing the notion that girls should strive to be virgins until marriage.

During a Christian Studies exercise the Year 10 girls had to read articles about the importance of "remaining a virgin until marriage."

The controversial text also stated that "Satan provides opportunities for fleeting sexual encounters."

Meanwhile, the Year 10 boys were told to create the perfect female partner using the qualities listed in a rating system.

They were allocated 25 points to create a girl that would be suitable for a "lasting relationship."

According to the rating system; "virginity," "popularity" and "attractiveness" were more important than having a partner with "similar beliefs" that "cares for the world."

The exercise also indicated that having a female partner that's "physically fit," "sexy" and "goes to church" was more vital than finding a girlfriend that's "adventurous" and "stands up for rights."

As you can imagine the sexist exercise angered the year 10 girls.

“All the girls were disgusted and really offended,” said one student.

However the boys found the task quite amusing; many called it the "build a bitch" exercise.

Year 10 students at St Luke’s Grammar School during "Finding Your Purpose" workshop. Source: St Luke’s Grammar School website

Due to the outrage the school’s headmaster, Geoff Lancaster, sent out a letter to all the students' parents apologising for the Christian Studies lesson.

He said he is "very sorry for the offence he has caused and saddened to think that the way this discussion was framed has upset" the students at St Luke’s Grammar School.

"As Principal, I have removed the offending material, and one of the Christian Studies teachers has voluntarily stood down while the matter is under investigation," he told The Sydney Morning Herald, "despite the best efforts to teach respect, healthy relationships, gender equality, consent and inclusivity, we don’t always get it right - and last week is a good example of how the very best intentions can go terribly wrong.”

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