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Social Media Influencers Are Calling Out Online Bullies


This story brings up issues relating to online bullying and suicide. If this story is triggering please contact LifeLine at 13 11 14.

"Shut the fuck up you stupid hoe."

"Goddamn lose some fucking weight."

"You despicable piece of shit."

For people with large media platforms, or as many call them 'influencers,' there is a dark side to having thousands of followers on your social media.

Many become victims to hateful trolls, or as I prefer to call them, bullies.

Imagine receiving hundreds of hateful messages and comments online.

Imagine having complete strangers critique your body, your lifestyle, your relationships and your beliefs.

How would you feel if got bombarded with hundreds of hateful comments and messages every day?

Karina Irby, Mik Zazon, Abbie Chatfield, Sarah Nicole Landry and Nadia Bokody are just some of the women being bullied day after day on their social media platforms.

But they've had enough; they are getting sick and tired of being relentlessly bullied online.

These women and many other people in the public eye are calling out the trolls for what they really are... bullies.

Abbie Chatfield is one of the many social media influencers being harassed online.

She recently shared screenshots of the horrible messages she's received since being type-casted as the 'villain' on 'The Bachelor.'

"I have experienced threats of violence, name calling, threats to my safety and general snide comments," Abbie says, "You can’t ignore threats of violence, and attacks on your character."

Podcaster, columnist and thirst trap queen Abbie Chatfield. Source: Instagram

Abbie has been called all names under the sun by complete strangers online.

Someone even left Abbie a voice message threatening to strangle her to death.

Since Abbie was put into the spotlight after appearing on 'The Bachelor' she's been continually told by her followers to just "block the haters and trolls" and "report them."

"Whenever I post stories about this, I get well intentioned DMs saying 'Don’t worry about it babe,' 'Block and delete,' 'You need time away from your phone,' 'These troll accounts have no life.' While you may think this is the logical answer, to ignore, to hide and to just block, it simply does not work."

Abbie has mentioned several times on podcast interviews and on her own Instagram that she's been suicidal due to the onslaught of hateful messages and comments.

Yet people still keep harassing her.

Abbie isn't the only one calling out bullies on social media.

Nadia Bokody is an incredible writer and Youtuber that loves to talk about sex, vibrators and mental health but sadly is also a victim to online bulling.

She recently posted a graphic about online sexual harassment.

Although she received positive comments from many of her followers she didn't expect to then be on the receiving end of sexual harassment herself.

The post calling out online sexual harassment that led to an onslaught of online sexual harassment. Source: Instagram

Her post somehow angered many fragile men and led to hundreds of awful messages and comments for Nadia to read.

So like Abbie, Nadia called out those that abused her online.

She says, "{the trolls} they were really mad at us silly gals for making the wacky suggestion we should be able to exist on the internet without sexual harassment. How dare we! What man-hating feminazis we all are!"

Nadia Bokody shared the abusive messages she received on social media. Source: Instagram

Like Abbie, Nadia has been ridiculed by insecure people that don't like confident sex-positive women.

Because as Nadia said talking about sex is not an invitation for sexual harassment.

Just like talking about body positivity is not an invitation for strangers to ridicule your body.

Those in the body positivity / self-love community will be very aware of these three names - Sarah Nicole Landry (or as many would know her as 'The Birds Papaya'), Karina Irby and Mik Zazon.

All three are inspiring women that talk openly about their body issues to their followers.

And even though they're helping people feel more body positive these women's bodies have been ridiculed relentlessly by online bullies.

For years Karina has been open about her experience with eczema and has posted many photos of her legs when she gets flare ups.

She has made the thousands suffering from eczema feel more comfortable in the skin they're in yet she's been bullied online and ridiculed for her eczema.

So she called them out.

Karina says, "I’m not embarrassed about my eczema, cellulite, weight or scars; I’m embarrassed for YOU {bullies}."

Same situation with Mik Zazon - she's all about acne positivity and normalising normal bodies (she even created a retreat dedicated to self love).

Yet she's been on the receiving end of hateful messages ridiculing her skin.

Mik decided to call out her online bullies. Source: Instagram.

I mean why even follow someone if you're just there to make fun of them and harass them?

Although many social media influencers are victims to online bullying many have used the process of "calling out bullies" to also call out the underlying issue at hand.

Sarah Nicole Landry took to Instagram this week and spoke about the hurtful messages she's received from trolls ridiculing her body.

Sarah shares some of the messages and comment she's received from online bullies. Source: Instagram

But she also called out the day to day fat shaming people of larger sizes experience their entire lives.

"I never receive this type of hate without actively showing the areas of me publicly that are less socially acceptable. I get that choice. Daily. I can tuck it away and 'hide it, or show it. ⁣For many, their less socially acceptable parts cannot be hidden, cannot be a choice. For they are their entire being."

All five of these women are trying to do a good thing here.

They've been open about mental health issues, sex positivity and/or body positivity which has helped many yet they're continually being teared down by complete strangers.

People with large social media platforms have feelings, values, fears just like anyone else dose.

Yet many influencers are treated like punching bags for those with anger or jealousy issues that can't seem to let out their anger or jealousy in a healthy way.

And with all this online harassment what protection do social media influencers have to protect themselves from bullies?

Blocking, reporting and deleting can only do so much.

What we need more of is support for victims of bullying.

And not just for influencers but anyone that is bullied online.

Bullying is a serious issue; we need to take action and show love to the victims, not hate.

If this story was triggering please contact LifeLine at 13 11 14.

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