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Recommendation Friday - The Iso Edition


I've been in self isolation for five weeks now and the more I have stayed cooped up in my tiny apartment the more I have realised I have no hobbies. For the past 35+ days I've just been exploring the wondrous world of the internet and entertaining myself through that as I can't seem to find something I enjoy that doesn't involve being on my computer or watching TV. Unlike the people I've seen on Instagram I haven't done a lot of baking, haven't learnt how to knit or learnt a new language.

Nevertheless here are my recommendations of things to do/watch/play/listen on the inter-web when you're tired of trying to start a new hobby.

A Secret Love (Netflix)

The film is about the love story between two women who had to keep their relationship a secret for over 60 years. For decades friends, family and strangers thought they were cousins or 'just good friends,' because for decades the two women felt it was unsafe to come out to the world as gay.

Watching this documentary requires two things:

1. Tissues. I cried just watching the trailer. During the movie you're going to cry like you did when you first saw 'Marley & Me' or the ending of 'Infinity War.' And 2. You're gonna need something to cuddle; whether it be your partner, your dog, your cat, your pillow, your phone. Because this documentary is going to give you all the feels.

Available now on Netflix

I'm A Parent Making Porn To Make Ends Meet During Covid Quarantine (HuffPost)

One of the groups of people highly impacted by the pandemic, that hasn't been spoken about enough in the media, are the men and women in the sex work industry. Due to social distancing restrictions thousands of sex workers are unable to perform at clubs or provide services to their clients. Many have had to turn to online sex work.

Stripper, podcaster, writer, cam girl, certified sex educator and TOTAL BADASS Elle Stanger spoke about now relying on digital work as her primary income due to Covid-19. She discussed how this transition can be a struggle for many sex workers. Many would be worried once they return to their pre-Coronavirus jobs after doing porn they would be outed and possibly fired. Many would be worried how to juggle sexting and homemade porn with homeschooling. And many would be worried using unfamiliar porn websites.

To get more of an insight on what's it like to be in the sex industry during a pandemic definitely recommend reading the full article.

To read the full article CLICK HERE.

Never Have I Ever (Netflix)

Mindy Kaling is back but this time she is behind the camera as co-creator of "Never Have I Ever." The new Netflix original series follows the life of first generation Indian American teenage girl Devi. The show screams diversity by telling the stories of characters from all different races, religions, sexualities, cultures and body abilities. It's also oddly refreshing to see the high schoolers not look like they're about to hit 30. But easily the best part of the show, in my personal opinion, is that it normalises therapy. Therapy is commonly seen in the media as shameful or something only 'crazy' people do. It's not! Yes therapy is not for everyone and is definitely a privilege, but it helps so many people around the world so it should be shown more in a positive light.

*Word of warning you will binge watch this, I say this from personal experience. Give me season 2 already!

Available now on Netflix

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