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Protesters Rally Outside Hospital to Prevent 10 Year Old Rape Survivor From Getting an Abortion


* Trigger Warning * This news story discusses child sexual abuse. If this story is triggering please contact LifeLine at 13 11 14.

Protesters block hospital entrances as 10 year old girl seeks abortion. Source: Instituto Marielle Franco

Earlier this month a 10 year old girl in Brazil was admitted to hospital after experiencing abdominal pain.

After doctors discovered she was pregnant the girl revealed she had been raped.

She said ever since she was six years old her uncle had been sexually abusing her.

When news came out about the pregnancy the uncle fled but was captured by police; he is now in custody facing charges for child rape.

The girl tried to get an abortion in her home town São Mateus but was denied at her local hospital.

Abortion is criminalised in Brazil and is only permitted in cases of rape, if the mother's life is at risk or if doctors detect the fetus has anencephaly (a birth defect causing the brain to not develop properly).

A judge permitted the 10 year old girl to seek an abortion in the city of Recife - over 1400km away from her home.

Pro-choice activist Paula Viana escorted the girl from the airport to the hospital in Recife.

However, when they reached the clinic they were met with hundreds of pro-life protesters.

The protesters linked arms and blocked the hospital entrances while chanting 'KILLER!"

The 10 year old girl had to be put in the boot of a taxi so she could safely get inside the hospital.

Military police had to get involved to disperse the crowds as many were trying to break inside the building.

Eventually the girl was able to get through one of the hospital's side entrances.

Angry protesters blocking hospital driveway. Source: Sun

But how did the protesters know the girl was going to that particular hospital?

Reports indicate her name was leaked online by far right activist Sara Giromini.

Sara calls herself an "anti-feminist" and claims she's been "betrayed by feminism."

She recently posted a video on social media naming the 10 year old girl and the hospital's address.

She also falsely claimed the girl had been kidnapped by authorities and was put on a private jet to get an abortion.

The video has since been deleted, and Sara's social media accounts have been suspended.

It is unknown whether the activist will face charges for her actions.

Far right activist Sara Giromini. Source: Twitter

A Brazilian judge has ordered Google, Facebook and Twitter to remove the girl's name from their platforms.

He urged the companies to remove the details within 24 hours or they will be fined.

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