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Pregnant Woman Beaten By Complete Stranger at Sydney Cafe


People of Australia are in complete shock after a surveillance video was released today showing a man stomping on a pregnant woman's head.

The 31 year old woman was sitting with her friends at a cafe in Parramatta when the attack occurred.

The CCTV footage showed a man walking over to the table, yelling at the group of women and then punching the heavily pregnant woman causing her to fall to the ground.

The man then proceeded to stomp on her head as other patrons attempted to restrain him from attacking her.

One of the woman's friends even hit the man with a chair to stop him.

Bystanders were then able to make a citizen's arrest until police arrived to arrest the attacker.

The victim has been discharged from hospital with bruises and swelling, but told police she remains "emotionally and physically traumatised."

The condition of the unborn child has not yet been disclosed.

Inspector Luke Sywenky said the victim did not know the attacker.

*UPDATE* The victim has told The Daily Telegraph the man made hateful comments about Muslims before attacking her.

He allegedly told the three women "Muslims raped his mum."

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