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Pharrell Williams Regrets Controversial Hit “Blurred Lines”


You may or may not remember the song “Blurred Lines.”

It peaked at number one in 25 countries and was famously sung by Robin Thicke and Miley Cyrus at the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards.

Although it was a popular song, “Blurred Lines” was problematic.

The music video featured artists Robin Thicke, Pharrell Williams and T.I flirting and dancing with numerous models.

That may not seem like something deemed “problematic” but while all the men were fully clothed the women were wearing nothing but nude coloured thongs.

Many claimed the video and the lyrics glorified rape culture and degraded women.

Rapper, singer-songwriter and producer Pharrell Williams recently spoke with GQ about the controversial hit song.

“Some of my old songs, I would never write or sing today,” Pharrell said, “I get embarrassed by some of that stuff. It just took a lot of time and growth to get to that place.”

When the song started to receive backlash in 2013 Pharrell was at first confused by the public’s reaction to the song.

Pharrell Williams Poses For GQ Magazine November Issue. Source: GQ.

“I didn't get it at first. Because there were older white women who, when that song came on, they would behave in some of the most surprising ways ever. And I would be like, wow. They would have me blushing. So when there started to be an issue with it, lyrically, I was, like, What are you talking about? There are women who really like the song and connect to the energy that just gets you up. And I know you want it—women sing those kinds of lyrics all the time. So it's like, What's rapey about that? And then I realised that there are men who use that same language when taking advantage of a woman, and it doesn't matter that that's not my behaviour. Or the way I think about things. It just matters how it affects women. And I was like, Got it. I get it. Cool. My mind opened up to what was actually being said in the song and how it could make someone feel.”

Six years after the release of “Blurred Lines,” Pharrell Williams is now working with Adidas to empower women with the Now Is Her Time campaign.

He hopes to utilise his platform to amplify the voices of women.

Pharrell Williams and numerous female models, activists and artists pose for Now Is Her Time campaign. Source: Adidas

The campaign received worldwide attention for featuring model Isabella Rangel Grutman breastfeeding her baby.

“How is it considered controversial to have pregnant women in a campaign?,” Pharrell said to GQ, “That’s considered, in some instances, taboo, and in other instances, controversial, and in other instances, racy. And I’m like, “What’s racy about a pregnant woman?” What’s racy? We are on the eve of 2020.”

Demi Lynch,

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