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Mys Tyler is the Latest Body Positive App You Need in Your Life NOW!


I'm sure we can all agree the most annoying thing about online clothes shopping is the UNCERTAINTY.

We always have to ask ourselves...

'Will this top be too tight around my chest?'

'Will this dress be too short on me?'

'Should I have gone a size up or size down in these jeans?'

And the reason we have to continually ask ourselves these questions is because more often than not the clothes we buy online don't fit.

I mean isn't it just the worst when you buy a bunch of clothes and they don't fit so then you have to return them.

I don't know about you but it really is a killjoy!

And I'm sure we've all experienced the conundrum on whether we bother returning the clothes or not.

I shamelessly have MANY clothes buried in the back of my wardrobe because I couldn't be arsed returning them.

Like many women, Sarah Neill was tired of this cycle of frustration - so she decided to do something about it.

She created an app that would eventually revolutionise the way we shop online.

Mys Tyler founder Sarah Neill. Source: Startup Daily

For many years Sarah has wanted to create a platform that would help women find clothes that actually fit them.

She always thought surely there was an easier way to shop online without dealing with the hassle of returning items over and over again.

"The more I thought about it; the more I talked to other people about it it just made so much sense like why can't we just shop for clothes by looking at somebody else who looks like us," she says.

So in 2020 Sarah launched Mys Tyler - an app that matches women with other celebrities and contributors with similar heights, sizes and skin tones.

The app uses your measurements to match with other women with similar body types. Source: Mys Tyler

“We’re fixing a critical flaw in the world of fashion that has meant women have had to buy clothes off models or influencers who look nothing like them,” she says, "until now, women have had to imagine what clothes would look like on themselves, only to try them on with a shockingly low success rate.”

The aim of the app is to create more efficient wardrobes and help women have fun with fashion again now that they can get inspiration from women with similar body types.

"Fashion has been designed to feel intimidating and not welcoming," she says, "vast majority of people feel like minorities when it comes to fashion."

Since launching the app, Sarah and her team have been recruiting contributors to join the app so women can match with real women from around the world that may have marginalised bodies.

April Hélène-Horton, also known as 'Bodzilla,' is one of the many contributors have joined the app.

April Hélène-Horton encourages other women to join the app and even become contributors. Source: Mys Tyler

"Sarah and the team contacted me and I knew right away this was an opportunity to do one of the things I care about most, which is make ALL bodies feel welcome and worthy in fashion," she says, "there’s something fun about finding a celeb like yourself but even better someone who looks more relatable and wears clothes you can actually find."

Sarah says the feedback so far has been incredible; not long ago a 78 year old woman messaged her and said the app helped her "feel human" again.

"It’s been a labour of love for me and our startup team," Sarah says, "but the feedback we’ve received from women has been so heartwarming."

For more information on Mys Tyler head to mys-tyler.com

You can download the app today on The App store or Google Play.

Feature Image: Mys Tyler

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