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Marina Meier Helps Women on Their Journey to Self Love Through Boudoir Photgraphy


Marina Meier is a boudoir photographer - but she believes the term "boudoir" doesn't justify what she actually does.

Marina Meier. 2018

"The way I interact with my clients it’s not so much about the sexy lingerie and sexy poses - it's more about sensuality, connecting and having my clients connect with their bodies." Marina says.

Before Marina even starts taking the photos of her clients she asks them the important question: why do they want to be photographed?

Some do it to celebrate motherhood after giving birth.

Others do it to celebrate a divorce.

Or do it because they've recently gained or lost a lot of weight.

But Marina says the key similarities with all her clients are that they are all on a journey to self love.

"I really want women to start accepting their bodies as they are without changing anything. It is your body and it’s the only body you got. Doesn’t matter the shape or size of it. It's yours - it gives you pain and it gives you joy. It deserves to be loved. It does not deserve to be tortured."

During the next 12 months Marina will be touring Australia photographing faces of 2000 women of all ages as part of "The Naked Face Photography Project."

She will capturing women in their pure natural form with no makeup or photoshop.

Marina plans to make this an international project that can unite women and break down boundaries and stereotypical perceptions of beauty.

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