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Male Startup Blasted on Social Media for Creating a Period Glove


Two German men decided to create a pink disposable period glove so people don't get menstrual blood on their hands when removing tampons and other period products.

Pinky Gloves was originally designed so period products could be disposed of properly and more discreetly.

The founders said after they moved into a "women's flat" they noticed there was "no good solution when it came to the disposal of tampons."

André and Eugen on the show Die Höhle der Löwen. Source: Pinky Gloves

After the duo appeared on a German Shark Tank-style show called Die Höhle der Löwen, their brand went viral... but not in a good way.

Unsurprisingly the controversial product has received lots and lots of online backlash - many saying calling the product "sexist" and that it "stigmatises period products."

Many have also called out the hypocrisy of the show, Die Höhle der Löwen.

The men behind Pinky Gloves were able to find an investor on the show but the lady start-up Ooshi (now known as OOia) that sold period underwear were unable to find an investor when the founders Kristine Zeller and Dr. Kati Ernst appeared on the show in 2019.

Kristine Zeller and Dr. Kati Ernst on the show "Die Höhle der Löwen." Source: TVNOW

The founders of Pinky Gloves have since released a statement regarding their controversial product and the recent backlash.

They apologised for missing the mark and said they "still have a lot to learn."

"We take your feedback very seriously and will rethink our product and reflect on the entire history of its creation," they said in their statement, "we have not dealt adequately and properly with the subject; that was a big mistake."

Featured Image: Pinky Gloves

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