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Let's Make Women Great Again?


Ladies of the world apparently we are not doing so great at the moment, according to Anthony 'Dream' Johnson we need to be great again.

Anthony is the founder of the 22 Convention, an event dedicated to "making women great again."

According to the website, the 22 Convention will be "the world's ultimate event for women,"but also 'the mansplaining event of the century."

The 22 Convention Webpage cover. Image Source: 22convention.com

Anthony decided to create this convention because he believes the biggest issue in today's society is "women being pushed to act like men and deny their own feminine nature."

At a previous convention hosted by Anthony, he described feminism as an "idea virus that spreads like cancer."

Anthony believes "feminism today has become a radical assault on all forms of positive, traditional femininity."

Anthony 'Dream' Johnson hosting the 21 Convention in 2019, discussing the need for America to bring justice for Brett Kavanaugh who he believes was wrongly accused of sexual assault. Image Source: Youtube / @21studios

But according to Anthony there are ways women can fix this and become more feminine:

  • Having unlimited babies (because apparently "the clock is ticking and your babies are soon to be kicking!)

  • Recognising that being "sick and obese is not beautiful," as men only "admire healthy, fit women."

  • Body positivity is a lie and we should all be striving for "beauty positivity."

  • And recognising feminists are at war with "men, boys, fathers, and women who simply enjoy being feminine."

All of these topics will be discussed at the three day convention in Orlando, Florida.

Anthony 'Dream' Johnson speaking at the 21 Convention - an event dedicated to the 'pro-father, pro-man, pro-masculinity' agenda. During his speech he claimed "masculinity built America." Image Source: Youtube / @21studios

And who best to tell women they "no longer should give in to toxic bullying feminist dogma" than MEN.

Yes that's right all the speakers at the women's event will be men!

Women can listen to these men mansplain for a special early bird release cost of $999 (that's over $1,450 in Australian dollars).

But the website makes it clear that these tickets are only available for men and women that are "natural born women."

Anthony 'Dream' Johnson has openly discussed his hatred towards feminists on his social media. Image Sources: Twitter / @beachmuscles

Anthony appeared on Good Morning Britain this week in hopes of selling more tickets to his convention but instead was named by host Piers Morgan as the "most judgemental guest" the show has ever had.

The GMB hosts questioned Anthony's relationship status as they found it hypocritical he was giving advice to women about how to be better women, yet remained single.

This led to Anthony lashing out at the hosts and claiming they are "spreading fake news."

Since his interview on British television Anthony has been ridiculed online for his behaviour.

This hasn't slowed down his quest to take down "militant feminists."

Only time will tell whether Anthony can truly make women great again.

Demi Lynch,

Announcer & Producer of 'The Nasty Woman Club Podcast'

Co-Producer & Co-Announcer of Radio 4EB program 'Fair Comment'

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