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British Woman Empowers Others Using Vulva Casts


Before Lydia Reeves started her journey in body casting, she had a "pretty terrible" relationship with her body, in particular her vulva.

"My vulva took the worst of my hatred," she says.

Lydia even contemplated getting labiaplasty as a teenager because she felt so insecure about her vulva.

That was until she reached her twenties and began "unpicking her negative thoughts" through art.

"By the time I started body casting a couple of years ago my relationship with my body had gotten a lot better," Lydia says, "I don’t think I could do this job if I hadn’t progressed so much in my relationship with my own body."

Lydia Reeves in her body casting studio. Source: Lydia Reeves

In April 2019 Lydia started body casting as an "attempt to help others celebrate their bodies."

"Having been through my own insecurities growing up, I wanted to help people celebrate their bodies a little bit more," she says, "and I thought that this was a fantastic medium to do just that!"

Her work of art became a smash hit in Brighton, UK; many people have visited Lydia's studio to have their vulvas, bums or breasts casted.

Lydia body casting a client. Source: Lydia Reeves

Lydia says for many the process can be "life changing" as it can "really alter people's perceptions of themselves."

"Even seeing the confidence that some people leave their casting session with, compared to when they entered is so powerful to witness and be a part of," she says, "I’m so thrilled that I can be a facilitator of these kinds of changes!"

Vulva casts. Source: Lydia Reeves

With her body casting being such a huge success, Lydia has decided to expand her revolutionary body-positive art into the book world.

She's in the process of publishing a coffee table book and has created a Kickstarter campaign in hopes of getting the book published.

The book contains photos of vulva casts accompanied with "eye opening" and "empowering" stories written by the vulva owners.

One hundred people shared their stories in this groundbreaking book and bravely discussed their relationships with their vulvas.

"Whether it’s questions around the size of their labia, pubic hair, sharing experiences of sexual trauma and abuse, disease, discharge, pornography, giving birth, or reclaiming sexuality," Lydia says, "The Vulva Diversity Book and its authors are here to speak openly, freely, and without judgement."

Vulva Diversity Book. Source: Lydia Reeves

With less than a week to go on her Kickstarter campaign, Lydia has yet to reach her Kickstarter goal.

People wishing to support the kickstarter can still pre-order the groundbreaking book.

The more pre-orders and more donations the closer Lydia is to her goal.

She is determined to get this book out into the world, particularly libraries and schools.

"I wish this was something I’d had a chance to read when I was in school, as I truly believe it would have completely changed my life," Lydia says, "I’m so pleased that this will be out there now to show people of all ages and genders how diverse we really are."

For more information on Lydia Reeves and her 'Vulva Diversity Book' kickstarter campaign CLICK HERE.

Feature Image: Lydia Reeves

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