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Lil Nas X is Empowering Black Gay Men Through his 'Gay Agenda'


Lil Nas X was afraid to come out as gay.

But thanks to him so many people aren't afraid to come out as Queer.

Yes Lil Nas X may have some homophobic haters out there that claim he's pushing a 'gay agenda' onto the world; but we cannot ignore the fact that his platform is helping so many people in the LGBTQIA+ community. ⁠

Only several hours ago, the music video 'That's What I Want' was released.

The video follows the story of Lil Nas X falling in love with a man that happens to be married.

It's a heartbreaking story and features beautiful sex scenes throughout it.

I had tears in my eyes watching this video.

It was so beautiful - I watched it five times on repeat.

After the 5th watch I thought to myself, "I wish Lil Nas X was around when I was a confused teen struggling with my sexuality, sex drive and need for pleasure."⁠

As a bisexual, white woman this music video gave me so many emotions.⁠

Now imagine what music videos like this must then mean for Black gay men - seeing two Black men proudly being sexual and loving to each-other; two Black men showing their femininity and masculinity without fear of being taunted; two Black men being vulnerable and showing their emotions to the world.

I can't even imagine what music like this must mean for the Black gay men and boys of the world.

I can't imagine what artists like Lil Nas X must mean to these communities. ⁠

Lil Nas X in his latest music video, 'That's What I Want.' Source: YouTube

Already in the comment section of the 'That's What I Want' music video are beautiful statements from Lil Nas fans:

"Lil Nas makes me comfortable with who I am."⁠

"Lil Nas X represents the side of me that I was too afraid to show."⁠

"He's gonna give so many young individuals the courage to live their truth even with the fears stacked against them."⁠

Lil Nas X performing at the BET Awards and kissing his dancers. Source: TMZ

So if you still don't believe Lil Nas X is changing the world for the better with his 'gay agenda,' then honey you're missing out.

He is the Queer icon we need in the world right now.

And he truly is making the world a more beautiful place. ⁠

Featured Image: YouTube

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