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Lady Gaga Shows The Rich & Famous How To Help The World and Not Be Tone Deaf


Lady Gaga is curating a mega virtual concert with the World Health Organisation (WHO) and Global Citizen to celebrate the health care workers fighting the Coronavirus.

The broadcast will feature the real-life experiences of doctors, nurses and families living through the pandemic.

Artist and actress Lady Gaga. Source: Flipboard

And it will feature performances by many artists including Lizzo, John Legend, Sir Elton John, Billie Eilish, Paul McCartney, Stevie Wonder and more.

But Lady Gaga says this historic event isn't a fundraiser; she wants all the viewers "to put their wallets away" and just enjoy the show.

Why you may ask?

Because she is raising funds BEFORE the broadcast and calling on the rich folk for their help.

She held a call with 68 corporate leaders from the world's biggest corporations asking them to join her "corporate kindness list."

She also asked tech companies and philanthropists from around the world for their help.

In seven days she raised over $35 million for the World Health Organisation Solidarity Response Fund.

This fund will provide essential PPE for health workers, supplies and testing kits, and help with the research development in finding a cure for the Coronavirus.

It's this level of kindness and generosity people have been begging for from celebrities during this pandemic.

Yes there are celebrities that have been generous during this awful time including Oprah, P!nk, Leonardo DiCaprio - just to name a few.

But for the past several weeks the general public have been frustrated towards the celebrities and influencers being tone deaf during this worldwide pandemic.

Many found it deeply ironic when celebrities came together to sing a song about a fantasy world with “no possessions” while millions around the world were being forced out of work.

Many found it infuriating hearing celebrities and influencers complain about Coachella being cancelled.

And many found it frustrating seeing their favourite famous faces complain about being stuck in their lavish mansions.

Even Lady Gaga found the level of insensitivity infuriating.

During an interview with Jimmy Fallon she said she's grown tired of celebrities saying "we’re all in this together” during this pandemic.

"While I think the sentiment is nice, I also think that the fight that I’m in — or that you’re in, right? — is very different than the fight of a woman that is in, perhaps, an abusive relationship and has a child and lost her job and can’t feed her kid and can’t feed herself and also can’t get the help that she needs because she’s in a violent situation. We all want this to end, but being in this all together that’s a tricky statement. Because I want to honour that that woman is not in the same fight that I’m in, and I want to help her fight that fight."

Host of the 'Tonight Show' Jimmy Fallon interviews artist Lady Gaga while both still in self isolation. Source: NBC

Hopefully Lady Gaga's actions and words will inspire the rich and famous to use their power for good too.

Because right now the people don't want to hear celebrities telling us to stay indoors when their kitchens are the size of our apartments.

People don't want to be told the Coronavirus is the "great equaliser" that "doesn't discriminate."

We need help - hospitals are running out of PPE gear, people can't pay their rent, families are struggling to afford food.

Now more than ever we need to all come together and help each other because tone deaf positive affirmations just won't cut it anymore.

'ONE WORLD: TOGETHER AT HOME' will be broadcasted on numerous TV networks worldwide, Pay TV services and social media platforms on Saturday, April 18.

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