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Dear Golden Globes, Please Get Your Sh*t Together


The Golden Globe nominations are out and I am NOT happy.

Several controversial films and TV shows were nominated for the prestigious awards which has led to A LOT of online backlash.

James Corden was nominated for 'Best Actor' for his role in the film The Prom, despite many claiming his performance was 'offensive' to the gay community (putting on a 'gay accent' is not okay Hollywood - stop stereotyping gay people; they're not a cartoon or an accessory).

And the TV series Emily in Paris was also nominated for the prestigious award (despite the fact the series wasn't reviewed well by critics AND it promoted way too many tiresome cultural cliches).

Netflix series, 'Emily in Paris.' Source: Netflix

But I think the nomination that has angered me the most is Sia's controversial film Music.

It was nominated for 'Best Motion Picture - Musical or Comedy.'

The film is highly offensive to people on the autism spectrum as it depicts a highly inaccurate and stereotypical depiction of autism.

Not only is the autistic character played by a neurotypical actress - a scene from the film shows her character being restrained as a way to calm her down.

Even Sia has admittedly apologised for promoting this dangerous method and says this scene will be cut from future film screenings.

She's also admitted her research about autism was "clearly not thorough enough."

Singer/Director Sia and Dancer/Actress Maddie Ziegler. Source: Getty Images

So dear Golden Globes, why did you even nominate this film?

It's clearly insensitive and offensive to those in the autism community, and most critics have written negative reviews about the film.

In the future Golden Globes - DO BETTER!

Nominate shows that actually deserve the prestigious award.

Nominate shows that aren't highly offensive to minorities.

And nominate shows that cast people of all races, abilities, sexualities, sizes, genders and ages - not just white people.

It's about time we celebrate representation on TV and film.


Feature Image: Vulture

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