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Every Body is a Beach Body


Summer may be coming to an end but that doesn't mean you'll stop being told by gyms, trainers and fitness influencers you need to lose weight to be "beach ready."

"You can get that 'bikini body' EASY! All you have to do is try this certain diet, detox tea and exercise routine." - that's what we always hear!

Photographer Marina Meier posing for her #nakedface project. Image Source: Marina Meier

But there is no ideal 'bikini body' - anyone can wear a bikini and anyone can go to the beach.

Marina Meier wants to help women realise every body is a beach body.

She's a boudoir photographer that photographs men and women of all shapes, sizes and ages to empower them and improve their confidence within themselves.

At the end of last year she focused on photographing men and challenging the stereotype that men must be 'MASCULINE,' 'MANLY,' and 'TOUGH.'

She did so by dressing them in clothing society would deem as 'feminine,' and let them truly be free with how they posed for the camera.

Mateo posing for the 'Challenging Gender Stereotypes' project. Image Source: Marina Meier
Clinton posing for the 'Challenging Gender Stereotypes' project. Image Source: Marina Meier

Right now she is working on her "Every Body is a Beach Body" project which focuses on women's bodies and how every woman is beach ready no matter the size.

The project will be held in Sydney next month on the 5th of March at Tamarama Beach.

And Marina wants YOU to come along in your favourite swimsuit for this incredible body positive project.

Last year she took the project to Queensland and had a great response from the participants.

"I held one in Brisbane, had an amazing reaction from all the participants," she said, "The energy was really amazing."

'Every Body is a Beach Body' project in Brisbane, 2019. Image Source: Marina Meier

All profits from the event will go towards The Butterfly Foundation, a charity that helps people struggling with eating disorders.

For more information on the body positive event head to www.nakedfacephotographyproject.com

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