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'ELLE' Germany Called Out for Being Tone Deaf


To all the fashion houses, magazines, brands, businesses, shops (and really anyone else in the fashion industry in general) I have some advice for you all - DIVERSITY IS NOT A TREND.

Body diversity is not a trend.

Racial diversity is not a trend.

Gender diversity is not a trend.

Having models of different sizes, colours, ethnicities, ages, genders and abilities is NOT A TREND.

Trends come and go.

Consumers' demand for inclusivity will never go away.

Because it seems to me some companies are just hopping on the 'diversity' bandwagon just so they can get a pat on the back for trying to be inclusive.

'Elle' Germany is a great example of a magazine attempting to be diverse and utterly failing.

The magazine declared their November 2019 issue as the 'Back to Black' issue.

In the magazine they have a page dedicated to black models with the title 'Beautiful, successful, committed: MODELS OF COLOUR were never in demand as they are now."

On that page they have photos of numerous models' faces next to their bios and Instagram handles.

So where exactly did they make their mistake?

Source: Diet Prada

Source: Diet Prada

Source: Diet Prada

Diet Prada found the magazine had in fact used a photo of Naomi Chin Wing instead of Janaye Furman.

Somehow the publication confused one black woman with another!

And this wasn't the only thing that caused public outrage.

The November issue claimed to be about the fashion industry being 'back to black' yet the cover featured a white model!

Supermodel sensation Naomi Campbell took to Instagram and called out the magazine's Editor-in-chief Sabine Nedelchev for her "insulting mistake."

LEFT: Supermodel Naomi Campbell. Source: Wikimedia. RIGHT: 'Elle' Germany Editor in Chief Sabine Nedelchev. Source: Flickr

"I’ve said countless of times we are not a TREND; we are here to STAY," Naomi wrote, "It’s okay to celebrate models of colour but please do it in an ELEGANT and RESPECTFUL way."

This isn't the first time Sabine has come under fire for being tone deaf.

Stylist Dogukan Nesanir recently wrote on Instagram about being fat shamed by the editor-in-chief while sitting front row at Paris Fashion Week.

Dogukan Newsanir. Source Indie-Mag

Before I could sit down she made at least two jokes about how fat I was and how the person next to me should be INVISIBLE so I could fit in the row with her," Dogukan wrote, "After she made the third disgusting joke about my look, I called her out and asked her WTF she would think she is?"

After being called out by Dogukan Sabine begged him not to tell anyone about the comments she made about his weight.

"Thank you @ellegermany #SabineNedelchev for showing me that no matter how hard I work I will always be the fat turkish guy despite of talent or aspirations! Thank you for reminding me this world and industry (especially German) is still shallow that no talent will ever overshine my origin or look.

The editor-in-chief hasn't apologised for the tone deaf magazine issue or for fat shaming Dogukan Sabine.

Hopefully she has learnt that diversity is not a trend you can use to sell magazines.

Demi Lynch,

Announcer & Producer of 'The Nasty Woman Club Podcast'

Co-Producer & Co-Announcer of Radio 4EB program 'Fair Comment'

Former 102.1FM 4ZZZ Radio Announcer & Contributor

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