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Women Escaping Domestic Violence Will Now Have Access to a $5,000 Payment

** TRIGGER WARNING - This story discusses domestic violence. If this story is triggering please contact 1800 RESPECT. **⁠⁠


Thanks to the new 'Escaping Violence Payment,' women and children can now access up to $5,000 when escaping domestic violence.

The support will include up to $1,500 in cash, with the remainder of the funds available for school fees, rental bonds and general goods and services.

The one-off payment isn't taxed and does not affect Centrelink payments.

Many are hopeful the 'Escaping Violence Payment' will help women seeking to leave their violent homes.

However, the commentary around this new initiative hasn't been all positive.

I mistakenly scrolled through the comments sections of several news articles on Facebook.

I wasn't surprised to see such distasteful comments at the (Murdoch-run) Daily Telegraph.

However, I was shocked to see the comments weren't so different at the SBS News page.

Here are just some of the comments:

"I hope it doesn’t get exploited, but I bet it does."

"If they get back together I hope they have to pay it back."

"What about men?"

"Payment will be exploited for sure."

"Can dads get $5000 to fight against fake allegations and child alienation?"

"Watch how many crack hoes fake violence for a hand out."

"Why not educate them on how to handle relationships, instead of paying for the breakup. What about males or do we get discarded and forgotten about?"

"Watch all the fakers come out to get the $$$$."

It still baffles that so many people, men AND women, think this way.

Victim blaming continues to remain prominent when it comes to conversations about domestic violence.

It's also important to remember these people put those comments out into the world voluntarily.

Imagine the type of conversations these people are having behind closed doors.

Yes the 'Escaping Violence Payment' scheme is a positive step forward but we as a society still stigmatise women in toxic and violent relationships.

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