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The Daily Recap - 30th Aug 2021

Australia's Paralympian Medalists Miss Out on Cash Prizes

During the Tokyo Olympics, Australia's athletes received between $10,000 to $20,000 in cash prizes for medalling at the prestigious sporting event.

However, it's been revealed that our Paralympians don't receive any bonus cash prize for winning a bronze, silver or gold medal.

Paralympian Rowan Crothers wins silver at the Men's 100m Freestyle. Source: Getty Images

According to SBS Australia, Paralympic Australia "don't have the funds for medal bonuses."

These revelations have caused widespread outrage across Australia.

America's Dancing with the Stars Will Feature its First Same-Sex Dancing Pair

Jojo Siwa is set to join the latest season of American reality competition show, 'Dancing with the Stars.'

The 18 year old megastar is also making history - she will be partnered up with a female dancer; this is the first time two women have ever been paired together in the show's thirty seasons.

Jojo Siwa in her ICONIC big bow. Source: Instagram

“I thought that if I chose to dance with a girl on this show, it would break the stereotypical thing,” Jojo says.

She hopes this will show young people that they can "dance with who you want to dance with."

Trans Activist Schuyler Bailar Releases His First Novel Book

We at The Nasty Woman Club are so excited because one of our favourite trans icons is releasing a book.

For many years Schuyler Bailar has been using his platform Pink Manta Ray to educate people about transphobia, racism, trans terminology and LGBTQIA+ rights.

Schuyler use his Instagram platform to highlight transgender misconceptions. Source: Instagram

The activist is also the first transgender athlete to compete in any sport on an NCAA Division I men’s team.

Schuyler uses his background in swimming and experience transitioning to write his fiction book, "Obie is Man Enough."

'Obie is Man Enough' Book. Source: Penguin Random House

The book tells the story of transgender Korean-American tween Obie who is trying to qualify for the Junior Olympics as a swimmer.

"This book is for all the kids who don’t get to see themselves in the world," he says, "it is a reminder that we absolutely do belong here; and it is an ode to the boyhood I never had."

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