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The Daily Recap - 26th October 2021

* WARNING: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander readers are advised this article contains the name and an image of a person who has died. *

Police Officer Found Not Guilty of Murdering Indigenous Woman

In 2019 a woman name JC was shot and killed by a police officer.

The 29-year-old Yamatji woman was walking the streets of regional West Australian city of Geraldton.

According to reports she was experiencing mental health issues and was carrying a knife.

For cultural reasons the 29 year old is referred to as JC. Source: Geraldton Guardian

In the midst of a confrontation with three police officers, one of the officers drew their gun and shot JC.

The officer claims he was in fear of being stabbed.

Last Friday this officer appeared in court; the jury found him not guilty of both murder and manslaughter.

JC’s sister, Bernadette Clarke, says it was wrong to have this kind of trial without any Aboriginals in the jury.

Bernadette Clarke speaking to reporter outside the court house. Source: ABC

"This was about an Aboriginal woman, and I reckon it should have had a black person on that jury,” she says; “my ancestors will be disgusted, the man shot her at point blank."

Family friend Sandy Davies says there is no justice for Aboriginal people in Western Australia.

"The justice that is served on Aboriginal people and the justice that is served on non-Aboriginal people are two totally different laws," he says, "if he can walk away with the evidence that was presented today, then every police officer in this state must realise that they can do whatever they want to our mob and they won’t have to answer to anybody."

WA Police Commissioner Chris Dawson says the officer has been stood down since the death of JC.

He says discussions will be taking place about his future in the police force.

Lauren Ridloff is Making History as the Marvel's First Deaf Superhero

The highly anticipated film 'The Eternals' is set to feature MCU's first ever deaf superhero.

The character Makkari is being played by actress and former Miss Deaf America Lauren Ridloff.

Lauren Ridloff as Makkari. Source: IMDB

She says it was important to her and the deaf community to do the character justice and not stereotype Makkari.

“I kept wanting to check in [with the director] about how we would actually reveal my Deafness in the storyline, and we finally got to a point where I felt like we could actually show Makkari as having a Deaf benefit or a Deaf gain,” Lauren says, "that’s a word that we use within the community as opposed to 'hearing loss;' to show the idea that being Deaf can actually be a good thing too, and we show that in the movie."

The Eternals will be released in Australia on the 4th of November 2021.

Women's RideShare App Shebah Goes Into Voluntary Administration

Australian women-only rideshare business Shebah has gone into voluntary administration.

Before Covid-19 Shebah provided up to 10,000 trips every month.

The rideshare app became an essential form of transportation for women going to social events, unaccompanied school children, foster kids and families escaping domestic violence.

But thanks to the pandemic revenue dropped by 70%.

Shebah drivers were able to receive JobKeeper but the Shebah business wasn't eligible for government support as it was able to continue trading during lockdown.

Shebah ad. Source: LinkedIn

Sam Kaso and Rachel Burdett of Cor Cordis have been appointed as administrators of Shebah.

The business will continue to operate while the administrators look at options to restructure or sell Shebah.

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