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The Daily Recap - 25th October 2021

Melbourne Woman Claims She Was Nearly Abducted By Her DiDi Driver

It was Saturday night and Melbourne's lockdown restrictions had just lifted; Julie was on her way to meet up with her friends for dinner.

She booked a driver through the DiDi ride-share app, however, things took a turn when she noticed the driver kept making mistakes.

She became suspicious of the driver when the supposed 15 min trip was already taking half an hour.

She noticed the driver was ignoring the maps on his phone and not following the designated route.

Source: Instagram (@puddingjulie)

According to Julie, the driver apologised for his mistakes and said she could cancel the trip so she wouldn't have to pay him.

Julie became more frightful once the driver pulled onto the motorway.

“I’m looking at his phone and his maps keep telling him to exit the motorway and he’s in the rightmost lane as well and he stayed in the rightmost lane the whole time; I feel like there was no intention on his side to ever exit,” she said on her Instagram stories, "I start freaking out because anything I say to him, he can’t give me a clear answer back as to where we’re going."

She eventually got the driver to stop on the side of the motorway.

While on the phone to her sister she tried to get out of the car.

He kept trying to reassure her her everything was okay.

Julie's door was locked so she slid over to other passenger door which thankfully was unlocked.

“It was just terrifying like why the fuck are we on the motorway, what am I doing," she said, "I feel like if I didn’t say anything, he would’ve kept driving; he just took advantage of the fact that I didn’t know Melbourne that well and didn’t say anything when he didn’t take all those random turns.”

Source: Instagram (@puddingjulie)

Julie was later picked up by her sister on the side of the highway; they immediately reported the incident to police.

Julie called DiDi's safety line but they refused to take any action against the driver as he "was not explicitly aggressive" towards her.

Source: Instagram (@puddingjulie)

DiDi has since released a statement and claims the driver has been "temporarily suspended."

“For this particular incident, DiDi has temporarily suspended the driver’s account and is conducting a thorough investigation," they said, "which could result in a temporary or permanent suspension of the driver from the DiDi platform, while we will also cooperate with law enforcement in its investigations.”

UK Supermarket Chain Gives Away Free Food to Help Stop Food Wastage

Iceland supermarkets have recently launched the "Free on Last Day of Life" initiative.

The campaign hopes to give away more 1.3 million food items to customers free of charge.

The British supermarket chain hopes this will reduce food wastage, particularly items that've gone past their shelf life.

Source: RetailDetailEU

Over a thousand grocery stores across the UK will be taking part in this initiative.

Iceland Foods managing director Richard Walker says this will help "reduce our impact on the environment."

"We know that shelf life plays a big role in the creation of surplus food so we to have find an innovative way to combat this within our stores and via our online shopping," he says, "our Free on Last Day of Life scheme not only helps reduce food waste but also supports our customers."

Teen Volleyball Player Publicly Executed by the Taliban

Earlier this month professional junior volleyball player Mahjabin Hakimi was publicly executed by the Taliban.

Mahjabin was a member of Afghanistan's women's youth volleyball team.

Reports indicate Mahjabin's "crime" was refusing to give up sport.

Mahjabin Hakim. Source: New York Post

This dreadful news was hidden from the press for weeks as her family was threatened not to speak out.

Reports indicate the 18 year old was beheaded after images of her amputated neck were shared on Afghan social media.

It's been two months since the Taliban seized control of Afghanistan.

Everyday Afghan civilians remain in fear for their lives.

Netflix Staff Stage Walkout Outside of Netflix Headquarters

Hundreds of Netflix Staff, trans rights activists and public officials rallied outside the Netflix headquarters in protest of the Dave Chappelle comedy special.

The comedian has been heavily criticised for his transphobic jokes featured in the Netflix stand-up "The Closer.'

Protesters rally outside Netflix headquarters in L.A. Source: New York Post

"It was important to shift the focus to the people [who] sign the cheques, because Dave Chappelle doesn't sign cheques - Netflix does," says rally organiser Ashlee Marie Preston, "if we have companies like Netflix, who aren't listening to their employees, who are forcing their employees to participate in their own oppression, that's unacceptable."

Despite the backlash the comedy special can still be streamed on Netflix.

Netflix browsing homepage as of 25, October 2021. Source: Demi Lynch

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