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The Daily Recap - 20th August 2021

Victoria Scone is the First Cisgender Woman to Compete in RuPaul's Drag Race

The queens from Season 3 of RuPaul's Drag Race UK has been announced and we at TNWC couldn't be more excited!

Among the fabulous 12 drag queens is Victoria Scone - Drag Race's first AFAB (assigned female at birth) drag queen.

Victoria says it's difficult for AFAB drag queens and drag queens to get booked at venues.

"I didn't know if, as a woman, drag was a possibility for me," Victoria says, "to gate-keep who performs in drag seems so backwards to me."

Well we cannot wait to see what happens next with Victoria Scone and the other amazing drag queens in the latest season of Drag Race UK.

It's unknown when the new season will begin but in the mean time make sure you catch up on previous seasons available now on Stan.

Afghan Woman Killed for Refusing to Wear Burqa; The Same Day the Taliban Pledged to Respect 'Women's Rights'

A woman in Afghanistan has reportedly been killed by the Taliban after she refused to wear a burqa when out in public.

A photo has surfaced online of the woman lying on the ground in a pool of her blood while surrounded by loved ones.

The alleged shooting occurred on the same day the Taliban held a televised press conference where they claimed they would honour women's rights.

Meme Artist Raises Over $6 Million for Rescue Missions in Afghanistan

Meme artist Tommy Marcus (or as many call him @quentin.quarantino ) has raised over 6 million USD.

The popular Instagrammer used his platform to raise money for rescue missions in Kabul, Afghanistan.

Tommy's goal was initially to raise $550,000 to fuel 2 airplanes to fly into Kabul and save vulnerable civilians from the Taliban militants.

But in under 24 hours over 100,000 people across the world donated to the cause.

Emergency Afghan Rescue Mission GoFund Me Page. Source: GoFund Me

"With the incredible influx of money into this fund, we have expanded the original goal of making 2-3 round trips to Kabul, to as many flights as the fund and the governments we are collaborating with will allow for," he says, "in the past 24 hours, we have expanded our original team significantly; our plane crew and other helpers are standing by as we prepare for what I can only imagine is the largest crowdfunded humanitarian rescue effort in history."

Tommy says he's "blown away by the power of the fundraiser."

"Words cannot describe the impact that these funds will have and the lives we will be able to save," he says.

If you too wish to donate to this important cause CLICK HERE.

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