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The Daily Recap - 8th November 2021

Tuvalu Minister Gives COP26 Speech in the Ocean to Highlight the Effects of Climate Change

An image of Foreign Minister Simon Kofe has gone viral on social media and for all the right reasons.

During his pre-recorded speech for the United Nations' COP26 climate summit, Simon filmed himself knee-deep in the ocean.

He hopes this setting while showcase the effects of climate change and how ocean levels are rising for countries across the Pacific.

Simon Kofe filming his COP26 speech. Source: SBS

"The statement juxtaposes the COP26 setting with the real-life situations faced in Tuvalu due to the impacts of climate change and sea level rise and highlights the bold action Tuvalu is taking to address the very pressing issues of human mobility under climate change." he says.

Simon Kofe knee-deep in the ocean water for his climate change speech. Source: SBS

The minister's speech will be played this week in Glasgow as part of the Pacific Climate Change Mobility and Human Security event at COP26.

St Kevin’s Graduate Burns School Blazer in Protest of the College's Toxic Culture

Celebrated Australian-Filipino photographer James Robinson returned to St Kevin’s College this week as a form of protest against the school's toxic culture.

While the campus was closed for the night he photographed himself on the school oval burning his uniform.

"St Kevin’s is a bubble where privileged young men can rehearse oppression without consequence, before graduating with flying colours into public," he says, "a place where locker room talk exists openly in hallways and classrooms."

The burning of the school blazer at St Kevin's College. Source: James Robinson

During his time at the elite college James says he witnessed other students sharing revenge porn of girls from "sister schools," female teachers being objectified, and the bullying of a transgender teacher.

James Robinson burning his blazer on school grounds. Source: James Robinson

James says he was also "aggressively outed" at the school which left him suicidal.

"When you have teachers who are teaching you things in religion class around being gay, it makes you feel like there’s an entire system of school and staff who don’t agree with you," he says, "so even when I had this awful experience of being outed, of course I’m not going to turn to the teachers who are teaching and saying homophobic things."

James kissing his partner on the school oval "not in spite, but to bring love back to the only place that ever taught me shame." Source: James Robinson

The elite Melbourne college has a history of controversies.

In 2019 students were filmed singing a chant on public transport that referred to women as "holes in the road" where they could "fill them" with their load.

And last year Stephen Russell resigned as headmaster after writing a glowing reference for child sex offender Peter Kehoe.

"At the end of the day, St. Kevin’s is a school that people send their kids to for the reputation and it’s a business which needs to prioritise profits," says James, "the elitism from the school comes from parents, it comes from money, it comes from years of history, and it comes from the church."

Queensland Health Goes Viral on Facebook for Encouraging People to Masturbate

The Queensland Health Facebook page has gone viral after they shared a post about masturbation education.

The post discusses the importance of normalising conversations about masturbation and how positive messaging can "reduce associated feelings of shame and fear, and improve overall sexual health and literacy."

The post gave advice to parents on how to talk about masturbation with their kids. Source: Facebook

"Masturbation is a normal and healthy part of a person's sexual experience and a great way to discover what you are comfortable with," writes the Facebook post, "the best part is, it's for everyone and also offers a wealth of health and sexual health benefits!"

Queensland Health highlighted the many benefits of masturbation. Source: Facebook

The page received much praise from its 800,000 followers - the post has been shared over 3,000 times and already has over 6,000 comments.

Hopefully this will encourage more brands and organisations to use their platforms to destigmatise masturbation.

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