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The Daily Recap - 1st November 2021

In 2018 AFL Player Jordan De Goey Was Accused Of Sexual Assault. So Are We Really Surprised He's Been Charged With Assaulting Another Woman?

Over the weekend Collingwood player Jordan De Goey was charged with assault and forcible touching during a training trip to New York.

Him and his mate Luke Dyson were arrested after allegedly groping a woman in a New York bar and attacking her friend when he tried to stop the attack.

The woman told police the two men grabbed her vagina and buttocks without her consent.

It's also been reported her friend was kicked, punched and hit with a glass bottle.

Both Jordan and Luke were arrested at the scene and held in custody; they've both already been released without bail and are expected to go on trial on December 8th.

Collingwood AFL player Jordan De Goey. Source: ABC News

While court proceedings continue Jordan is banned from training or playing with the Collingwood AFL team, however, he will continue to be paid by the AFL club.

Media outlets are already praising Collingwood for apparently holding Jordan De Goey accountable for his actions; but is this 'no play/no train' ban really the most they can do?

And why wasn't this ban enforced three years ago when Jordan was charged with sexual assault?

Up until August of this year, Jordan was in and out of court after being accused of attacking a woman in 2015.

During this time he was still allowed on the field; in fact in late 2020 the club re-signed him for another two seasons.

While being accused of sexual assault Jordan was making $750,000 a season.

Why wasn't he ever suspended from the club?

What does it take for an AFL club to actually hold their players accountable for their actions?

Or are they just seen as stars, heroes and icons that are above the law?

Italian Government Votes Against Anti-Discrimination Bill. So What Happens Now to Disabled People, Women and Members of the LGBTQIA+ Community?

Italy's senate have voted against making homophobia, transphobia, misogyny and ableism a hate crime in Italy.

The 'Zan Bill' was first introduced by MP Alessandro Zan in 2018 after the country saw a growing increase of homophobic and transphobic attacks.

The aim of the bill was to punish acts of discrimination on the grounds of gender, sexual orientation and disability.

However, Conservatives claim the bill suppresses freedom of expression.

Members of the far right parties say it promotes “homosexual propaganda” in schools.

Thousands of people have since gathered at the Arco della Pace in Milan in protest of the Senate's voting results.

Alessandro described the result as a "betrayal of a political pact that wanted the country to take a step towards civilisation."

Homophobic Marvel Fans Are Targeting 'The Eternals' With Negative Reviews in Protest of The Film's LGBTQ+ Representation

The highly anticipated Marvel film 'The Eternals' is expected to be released in Australia later this week, however, Marvel fans seem to be cranky at the queer representation in the film.

Homophobic Marvel fans have begun 'review bombing' the movie after discovering the film features a gay family.

The trailer shows one of the Eternals has a husband and son. Source: IMDB

This is the first queer family to be featured in the Marvel Cinematic Universe yet fans don't seem to be too pleased.

'The Eternals' has been left with 450 one star reviews on IMDB making it the lowest rating MCU film on the website.

IMDb have since removed the negative reviews, however, it is unclear how the situation will change once the film is released.⁠

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