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The Daily Recap - 1st Sept 2021

Over $40,000 Has Been Raised for the Paralympian Medalists

Earlier this week, SBS discovered that Australia's Paralympians do not receive bonus cash prizes when they win bronze, silver or gold at the Paralympics.

However, it's been reported Australia's Olympic athletes can receive between $10,00 to $20,000 if they medal at the Olympic Games.

Like many people across Australia Chloe Dalton was devastated by this news, so she decided to use her platform at The [Female] Athlete Project to raise money for the Aussie medalists at the Paralympics.

Paige Greco winning the first gold for Australia at the Tokyo Paralympics. Source: paralympic.org

In two days over $43,000 has been raised for our athletes.

The funds raised will be split equally between all Australian Paralympic medallists.

If you wish to donate to this important cause CLICK HERE.

Disability Advocate Calls on Disney to Create a Disney Princess with Disabilities

For the past nine months writer and disability advocate Hannah Diviney has been fighting to have a Disney princess with disabilities.

She says she doesn't want "another generation of kids to grow up without representation."

"Growing up as a disabled kid, I never saw anyone onscreen who looked like me," Hannah says, "so I decided to work on changing that for the disabled kids of the future."

FUN FACT: Hannah Diviney has been nominated for the 2022 Young Australian of the Year award. Source: Instagram

Already over 39,000 people have signed the petition; but Hannah is determined to reach 50,000 signatures to really get Disney listening.

CLICK HERE to sign the petition.

Meme Artist Raises Millions of Dollars to Rescue 350 Civilians From Afghanistan

Less than two weeks ago meme artist Tommy Marcus decided to use his popular Instagram platform @quentin.quarantino to raise funds for a rescue mission in Afghanistan.

Tommy Marcus has over 800,000 followers on his popular meme account quentin.quarantino. Source: Instagram

In five hours Tommy raised $2 million; in a matter of days more than $7 million was donated to the important cause.

Thanks to the hundreds of thousands of people that donated to OPERATION FLYAWAY, 350 people on the Taliban's kill list were able to be rescued.

As the team continues to rescue more civilians in need, the GoFund Me page has been disabled for any future donations.

Tommy says the remaining funds will be donated to the International Women's Media Foundation to help them resettle Afghan refugees.

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