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The 'Bondi Tinder Creep' is Actually Being Punished for Harassing Women on Dating Apps


In unsurprising events, a man bullied a woman online because she rejected him.

Yep, sadly we live in a society when being called a "fat fucking pig" is normal (or sometimes even expected) when you embarrass a man by *GASP* rejecting him.

But this time the latest Tinder creep was actually punished after being called out for his disgusting behaviour on a global scale.

According to reports as many as 20 women have been abused by 28 year old Thomas McGuirk (or as the media likes to call him - the 'Bondi Tinder Creep').

Many of these women have come forward and shared their experiences of being bullied by Thomas on social media and dating apps.

A woman name Ebonie was abused by Thomas after she refused to send him photos and go over to his house for sex.

Through SnapChat Thomas told her she was a "fat liberal arts chick" that was "below him" anyways.

But saying all that wasn't enough for Thomas; after all he was rejected by a woman on the internet (how embarrassing).

He then proceeded to send Ebonie voice memos through multiple Instagram accounts, calling her a "fat fucking pig" that was ugly on inside and outside.

Thomas McGuirk is now renowned as the 'Bondi Tinder Creep.' Source: Instagram

Yep you heard that correctly this man put in all that time and energy to record voice memos AND create multiple social media accounts just so he could bully a complete stranger that rejected him for sex - welcome to 2020 everyone.

Sadly Ebonie wasn't the only one abused by the 28 year old for simply saying 'no.'

According to reports women across Sydney and even London have opened up about their horrific experiences with the 'Bondi Tinder Creep.'

Ebonie shared the messages she received from Thomas onto her social media. Source: Instagram

But in a surprising turn of events Thomas has actually been punished for his actions.

He was fired from his job by the CEO after employees discovered his disgusting online behaviour.

And Tinder has even deleted his dating profile.

I strongly believe this kind of public reaction wouldn't have happened 10 years ago, not even 5 years ago.

We do have a long way to go when it comes to the normalisation of creepy men on Tinder.

However, seeing a bully actually deal with the consequences of his actions is one step closer to eradicating the normalisation of 'Bondi Tinder Creeps.'

This is one small step for women, one giant leap to dismantling the patriarchy and ridding toxic masculinity.

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