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Changing the Narrative One 'Horror Show' at a Time

* TRIGGER WARNING * This story discusses sexual harassment and suicide. If this story is triggering please contact LifeLine at 13 11 14 or 1800 RESPECT.

Aussie actor Craig McLachlan has yet again been accused of bullying and sexually harassing people in the television and arts industry, as revealed by the ABC.

Over the weekend three actresses and two production crew members came forward and accused McLachlan of sexual harassment on the sets of The Doctor Blake Mysteries and The Rocky Horror Show.

The ABC also reported that one of McLachlan's former male co-stars has accused him of bullying and intimidation.

This isn't the first time McLachlan has been accused of harassment - in 2018 four women accused the actor of inappropriate touching and exposing himself to them.

Despite those charges being acquitted in 2020 the magistrate did accept some of the complainants' evidence against McLachlan.

Craig McLachlan leaving the court house. Source: James Ross

A total of 10 people have now accused McLachlan of sexual harassment and bullying.

However, major TV network Channel 7 is set to release a documentary about how these disturbing allegations have in fact ruined McLachlan's life.

7NEWS Spotlight: Horror Show documentary. Source: Channel 7

The 7NEWS Spotlight: Horror Show will look at the "public vilification" of Craig McLachlan after four women accused him of sexual harassment in early 2018.

During a commercial promoting the "bombshell" documentary McLachlan is heard saying, "has this post Weinstein hashtag MeToo world gone mad?"

"I was public enemy number one," he says during the commercial, "I am sitting here 100% acquitted; I am an innocent man."

The program is expected to discuss McLachlan's experience going into a mental health facility after a failed suicide attempt.

It's also been described as a film that "above all, is a love story between McLachlan and his leading lady, Vanessa Scammell."

A 7NEWS article says the documentary will look at "how their relationship survived allegations that would have destroyed most couples."

Admittedly this program does seem to contain important discussions about mental health, however, nowhere in the promotional materials does it mention the alleged victims' mental health experiences.

What was their experiences going in and out of court for three and a half years?

How did this very-public court battle affect their mental health?

And how did the media scrutiny and social media backlash affect their livelihoods?

Yes it's important to show all sides to a story but what if one side of the story is missing vital information - like six new allegations of sexual harassment and bullying.

So is this "bombshell" documentary really "exposing the truth" or is it simply flipping the narrative for ratings?

You be the judge of that.

Featured Image: Channel 7

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