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Aussie Comedian Raises Money to Roast the Australian Government at Times Square


Aussie comedian Dan Ilic raised over $200,000 so he could broadcast satirical government ads on billboards in Time Square.

Thanks to the funding efforts last week, Times Square was covered with ads dissing the Australian government and their obsession with coal.

Like many across Australia, Dan was tired of our government's lack of action in combating climate change.

He says he started the ‘JokeKeeper’ campaign so the world knew Australians' stance on climate change.

With Prime Minister Scott Morrison heading off to Glascow next month for the COP26 climate conference, Dan wanted people to know that "Australia has gone backwards over the last 15 years on climate action."

"I'm really pumped we could do this," he says, "regular Australians are pissed off about the way our government does nothing to take responsibility for climate action."

Dan hopes to broadcast more billboards in the Pacific region and in Glascow ahead of the climate summit.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has yet to comment on the billboards.

Featured Image: Dan Ilic

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