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Bachelorette Contestants Take A Stand For The Sisterhood


I feel like the whole of Australia is angry at a particular man right now.

I am talking about Noosa councilman - Jess Glasgow.

Bachelor contestant and Noosa politician Jess Glasgow. Source: Network Ten.

Last night he was booted off The Bachelorette Australia for his derogatory behaviour towards multiple women on the reality TV set, including Bachelorette Angie Kent.

Here are just a few things he said and did ON NATIONAL TELEVISION.

- He said to Angie during a photoshoot "Don't mind me if I get some wandering fingers, alright?"

- Referred to her as a "bitch."

- Made sexual comments towards female crew members including a makeup artist, producer and waitress

- Said he's kissed heaps of girls that tried to turn their head away from him.

- And he told several guys he was confused why another male contestant didn't try to kiss Angie as "he would have just grabbed that sweetie and just laid one on her."

That kind of sleazy behaviour is just disgusting.

That revolting misogynist behaviour should never be tolerated.

But you know what left me on my feet for a standing ovation - the reaction to this monstrosity.

Seeing groups of men telling off a guy for his lewd behaviour towards women was one of the greatest things I had ever seen on television this year.

They didn't HAVE to stand up for Angie, or the makeup artist, or the waitress, or the producer.

They could have just laughed along and said nothing.

But unlike the creep from Noosa these men had respect for women.

Many viewers across Australia were also disgusted in the politician's racy comments.

Question is: will this kind of behaviour effect his job as a councilman?

Noosa Mayor Tony Wellington says Jess needs to resign.

"That sort of offensive, crude misogynistic behaviour is just not on," he told radio hosts Fitzy and Wippa on Nova 96.9, "I’m very deeply upset - I watched it with my wife, she found it very offensive as most women I assume would."

The mayor told the radio hosts he was up all night receiving text messages from people complaining about Jess's job position.

"He can’t be fired but I tell you I’ll be speaking with Jess about his future on the council. I don’t see that he has a future on his council."

So what were the sleazy politicians' last words on the show before being taken back to Noosa (probably not with open arms) - "I'm going back to Noosa to find the love of my life in a dirty, dingy nightclub."


Good luck Noosa.  

Demi Lynch,

Announcer & Producer of 'The Nasty Woman Club Podcast'

Co-Producer & Co-Announcer of Radio 4EB program 'Fair Comment'

Former 102.1FM 4ZZZ Radio Announcer & Contributor

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