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April Hélène-Horton is the First Plus Size Model to be Featured on an Aussie Billboard in a Bikini


The amazing April Hélène-Horton just made HISTORY and we at The Nasty Woman Club couldn't be prouder!

From February 1st expect to see more of the glorious April as she will be featured on numerous billboards across Australia as part of Curvy Swimwear's 'Beach Please' campaign.

This is a historic moment for April as she is the first plus size model to wear a bikini on a billboard across the whole of Australia.

April couldn't contain her excitement when she FINALLY saw her billboard (who can blame her). Source: Instagram

"I've never seen someone who looks like me on a billboard before, whether in swimwear or kind of in anything else really," April said during an interview with 90.9 , "I don't feel like this is something that has been done before, especially not in swimwear."

This past year April has truly cemented herself a platform dedicated to body acceptance and fat positivity with her Instagram page, The Bodzilla.

Every week people are inspired by April and her inspirational words about body love.

"Beauty comes in all shapes, sizes, abilities, looks," she says, "we need to normalise it, to send the message that every body is a good body.”

Cannot wait to see what else 2021 has in store for the queen of body positivity - THE BODZILLA.

April probably thinking about how she's already making history this year - and it's only January. Source: Instagram

Featured Image: Curvy Swimwear

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