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59 Year Old Man Mocks Teenage Girl's Mental Health In Newspaper Column


Australian political commentator Andrew Bolt has decided to write an opinion piece for the Herald Sun about environmental activist Greta Thunberg.

I’m sure the name ‘Greta Thunberg’ rings a bell - she’s the one that sparked the worldwide school strikes calling for government action on climate change.

She’s been featured on TIME magazine and is nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize.

She’s influenced millions across the world to take action against global warming.

And she’s only 16 years old.

Yet Andrew Bolt believes she’s more of a “deeply disturbed messiah,” rather than an inspiration.

He says that Greta is a “young and strange girl” and refers to her being on the autism spectrum as a “fault.”

I have never seen a girl so young with so many mental disorders treated by so many adults as a guru.

He believes her extreme fear of global warming is due to her history of mental health issues including anxiety, depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) and autism.

And says she is incorrect to say the world is doomed as the “world has record grain crops” and there has been an “increase in life expectancy.”

So Andrew Bolt are you telling me global warming is a MYTH?

With 97 per cent of the world’s scientists believing in climate change, are they in fact all wrong because they didn’t consider the increase in life expectancy and increase in crop growth could mean global warming is all a lie?

Interesting…. I didn’t know Andrew Bolt knew more about the earth’s climate than 97 per cent of scientists in the world.

Also another fact I found interesting… I didn’t know Andrew Bolt was also an expert on the autism spectrum, depression, anxiety AND compulsive obsessive disorder.

I had no idea the only reason one could be passionate about the earth not dying would be because of their mental health history… you really do learn something new every day.

Several days after the opinion piece was published Greta Thunberg had her own thoughts on the article.

She wrote on her Twitter page:

I am indeed ”deeply disturbed” about the fact that these hate and conspiracy campaigns are allowed to go on and on and on just because we children communicate and act on the science. Where are the adults?

Yes Greta Thunberg, indeed where are the adults?

Demi Lynch,

Announcer & Producer of 'The Nasty Woman Club Podcast'

Co-Producer & Co-Announcer of Radio 4EB program 'Fair Comment'

Former 102.1FM 4ZZZ Radio Announcer & Contributor

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