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A 15 Year Old Has Been Imprisoned For Not Doing Her Homework


Protesters have taken to the streets in Michigan after a 15 year old black teen was sent to juvenile detention for not doing her homework.

The girl has been identified by her middle name 'Grace.'

And she has been imprisoned at the Children’s Village Detention Centre since May.

Grace had previously been in trouble for fighting with her mother and stealing a classmate's phone.

She was imprisoned for violating her probation by not completing online school work.

Grace reappeared at the Oakland County Family Court this week in hopes of being released but Judge Mary Ellen Brennan denied her motion.

The judge told Grace she was a "threat to the community."

She said Grace is "blooming" in prison and that "more work needed to be done" before she could be released back into the community.

Judge Mary Ellen Brennan at Grace's hearing. Source: ProPublica

Attorneys representing Grace told the courtroom Grace didn't complete her homework earlier this year because Covid-19 just hit America.

Grace has ADHD and she was struggling to adapt to remote learning.

Her school had just shut down due to the pandemic and Grace struggled doing school work without a teacher present.

The attorneys also claimed the teenager was not receiving proper therapy and educational support while in detention.

Children's Village Detention Centre in Michigan. Source: Vice

Grace's mother was also among those fighting for her daughter's release.

The two sobbed into each other's arms as Grace was sent back to detention after the court hearing.

The judge's decision to deny Grace's appeal has angered residents across Michigan.

Hundreds of students protested in front of Grace's school and the Oakland County Family Court.

Activists gathered outside the court carrying signs that said, "Free Grace." Source: Clarence Tabb Jr
Protester holds sign that says, "I didn't do my school work either. Free Grace." Source: NY Post

Over 120,000 people have signed a petition calling on the courts to release Grace from juvenile detention.

Michigan Rep. Debbie Dingell told the media this is a race issue and that it's highly unlikely Grace would have been imprisoned if she was white.

She said to the media, “If it was a white young person, I really question whether the judge would have done this; putting a young person in a confined area in the midst of COVID isn’t the answer.”

The Michigan Supreme Court’s oversight agency has also launched a review of the case.

Attorneys representing Grace hope to appeal the judge's controversial decision.

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